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TurfPro is completely safe for use around your children and pets, both inside your

home and on your lawn or garden.  Our product is verified for organic growing  

and cannot be over-applied.  The gentle nutrition of TurfPro will NEVER burn or

otherwise harm your lawn, flowers, fruits or vegetables.  

The full spectrum biology of TurfPro, delivered through either a root drench or a

foliar spray application enables your plants to accelerate nutrient uptake and more

efficiently use necessary trace elements and essential acids.  This reduces the

necessity of strong synthetic fertilizers that contribute to ground water pollution and

damage to our precious aquifer, lakes and streams.

TurfPro contains many Biologically active compounds, including numerous

beneficial Bacillus and phenolic acids which have a demonstrated ability to

enhance your plant’s natural disease resistance.  Additionally, many toxins are

inhibited or completely neutralized by TurfPro’s naturally pure humic acids and

unique biology.  This further “Greens” the environment by eliminating the need for

pesticides and other harmful chemical applications.

In summary, using TurfPro results in healthy soil, healthy soil biology, which

reduces the need for harmful synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, while producing

strong, vibrant plants that are resistant to disease and insect attacks.  Also, TurfPro

has been approved for Organic Growing by WSDA.  

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