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ArkPro provides immediate odor control of animal waste.

ArkPro eliminates 30, 60, or even 90 day trial periods.

ArkPro eliminates the release of hydrogen sulfide related corrosion.

ArkPro is economical and cost effective with low PPM rate requirements.

ArkPro is safe for use around animals, does not require wash-down.

ArkPro is non-pollutant, non-corrosive, natural solution.

ArkPro stimulates and enhances microbial populations, beneficial to receiving water systems.

ArkPro safely creates healthier environments for animals and humans.


Lignin acts as a absorbing and capturing agent on

potentially odorous compounds. The microbes

contained in ArkPro break down these compounds

into non-odorous waste products, thereby reducing


ArkPro is safe to use around animals.  There is no need to wash-down after application, for this reason, ArkPro is used by several dog parks and municipal zoos.

ArkPro 10 has done an outstanding job reducing odor in our Howler Monkey and Lemur enclosures.”

Zoo & Botanical Gardens

ArkPro 10 1 Gallon $64.99 ArkPro 10 naturally resolves odors  caused by pet waste, contributes to  cleaner, healthier water & environment.