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The TurfPro Advantage Healthy Soil Grows Healthy Plants! TurfPro is an Supercharger For Your Soil! Completely Safe Around People and Pets! Save Money While Helping The Environment! Reduce Water Consumption & Eliminate Synthetic Fertilizers! Turf & Garden Pro is a complete soil amendment that reduces fertilizer needs, reduces Water requirements and grows healthier, better looking and stronger plants while protecting the environment.

Turf Pro is verified for Organic Growing and is based on a raw material found in an "Ancient Humus" deposit located in the Southeastern United States.  

Undeniably, this is one of the richest humate deposits ever discovered.  This ancient soil

amendment contains a unique blend of 60% marine animal and 40% plant matter, with

laboratory tests confirming the composition to be over 94% organic carbon with 73 trace

elements – all in plant acceptable form.  Importantly, the material has a high

concentration of the following essential acids - each with role to play in plant health:

Humic acids enable plants to extract nutrients from the soil.

Ulmic acids stimulate and increase root formation and growth.

Fulvic acids give plants strength to withstand stresses caused by pests, dry weather, and


Turf Pro humates are of the highest quality and have never been altered or degraded like

competing products by heat or chemicals. Turf Pro USA Liquid products are ready for

use either as a root drench or as a foliar spray.  Turf Pro is water-soluble and very little

washes through the root zone unused into the environment.  This protects the lakes and

streams from fertilizer run-off and lowers your cost of irrigation.

We are very proud to say that even the production process is very simple with the

absolute minimum hydrocarbon footprint, making all of the Turf Pro USA products

 naturally Green and Eco-Friendly.  

For all of your gardening and lawn-care needs, use Turf Pro!  The results are immediate,

and you will see more beautiful and healthy shrubs, lawns, flowers, fruits and vegetables

- naturally!

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$31.99 TurfPro- With Iron 1 Quart $55.99 TurfPro- Turf  & Garden Pro 2 @ 2.5 Gallons Or 5 Single Gallons (5 Gallons Total) $274.95 Save $24.96  on 5 Gallons! Sale Price:  $249.99 $39.99 TurfPro- Turf  & Garden Pro 1 Quart $29.99 $54.99 AgriPro Natureal Dry 2 lb Bag $29.99 TurfPro- Turf  & Garden Pro 1 Quart Sprayer TurfPro- Turf  & Garden Pro 1 Gallon (Products containing Iron are not verified organic.) TurfPro- With Iron 1 Gallon