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Orchid Pro was developed to meet the needs of professional & home

gardeners for use on orchids, bromeliads, roses and other blooming


Because Orchid Pro is cold water processed, it retains all its unique

and valuable microorganisms and all 73 plant available trace elements.

Orchid Pro contains a full spectrum of high quality humic materials

such as humic, fulvic and ulmic acids plus organic carbon and lignin.

These special qualities make Orchid Pro the most complete all natural

soil/media amendment product on the market.

Orchid Pro works both as a foliar spray and as a drench.

Where should I use it?

Orchids: Makes orchids stronger, healthier, more pest and disease

resistant with stronger root systems.  Plants will need far less fertilizer.

Blooming Shrubs: As a foliar spray, Orchid Pro can prevent black spot

and other pests & diseases while also providing needed trace elements

through the leaves and bark for very rapid recovery. In the soil, Turf Pro

strengthens immune systems that helps fight many pests/diseases and

improves root systems.

Roses: Provides necessary trace elements and fights many pests/diseases

while improving the root system.  Stronger plants mean more and larger


Decorative and Flowering Plants: As a foliar spray, Orchid Pro adds

trace elements and also works as a disease/pest suppressant.  In soils,

Orchid Pro will suppress pathogens, allow for reduced fertilizer plus help

plant roots gather and hold water.

Bromeliads: Orchid Pro helps control scale without pesticides and also

provides everything most bromeliads need for great color and controlled


OrchidPro is a complete Plant Innoculant that lets gardeners reduce fertilizer

and water usage, provides better looking plants while protecting the


Pictures submitted by OrchidPro users.

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