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Indian River  Quart +  Sprayer $34.98 TurfPro  Gallon & Indian River  Gallon $109.99 Indian River  Organic  Fertilizer 1 Gallon $44.99 Sale Price:   $98.99 Save $11 on the Eco-Friendly Fertilizing Combo! The “Original” Organic  Fertilizer!

 Indian River Hydrolyzed Liquid Fish is simply the very best, All Natural Organic Fish fertilizer.


This is NOT an emulsion, Indian River is a hydrolysate, which is far superior in several ways to any emulsion that is available on the market.  It is all natural and 100% fish protein, not a boiled, rendered and separated semi-fish based product like the others.


This naturally organic and sustainable organic fertilizer is cold processed and contains NO HEAVY METALS and no CHLORINE like you will find in the emulsions that are available as competition.


With Indian River, the actual high quality fish meal - the very best part - is specifically included to maximize the benefit for your turf, flowers, shrubs and plants.  This is far superior to competitors products wherein the emulsion process removes the high quality proteins for use as pet food.

 When the Indian's buried the fish in the soil below the plants, the decomposition process broke down the natural proteins, elements and minerals releasing enzymes that promoted the growth of the beneficial microbes in the soil.  When you "feed your soil" in this manner, you will see incredible improvements in yield and overall health and vibrancy of your plants.

Other advantages of Indian River Organic fertilizer

1)  Indian River Liquid Fish Organic Fertilizer is effectively a sustained release fertilizer, providing benefits for at least 15 weeks - this means fewer overall applications and less work

2)  Indian River will not burn, you do not need to worry about over-application

3)  Indian River offers superior results to chemical synthetics and remains in the soil, does not leach into the groundwater causing pollution and damage to our environment

We provide you with the best product and at the best price, shop around and see for yourself!

Indian River Organics

Liquid Fish Fertilizer


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