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TurfPro USA liquids are the perfect solution for starting your Compost Tea, or adding the

necessary boost during your brewing process.

Compost Tea is a liquid solution or suspension made by steeping compost in water.  There are five

major types of teas; anaerobic, aerobic, compost leachate, manure tea and bokashi.   Each type is

made differently, but all are brewed for the same purpose, to benefit plants by creating or balancing

the soil biology.

Brewing tea is not difficult, but to get consistent results and to provide a truly balanced end product,

a "Compost Tea Starter/Enhancer" should be used.  TurfPro is the ultimate 100% all-natural

humic-microbial growth stimulant, which contains a number of naturally occurring beneficial

bacillus; including one that is a natural nitrogen fixing agent, and can be found nowhere else.  This

complete package of beneficial microbiology also includes the necessary food source to allow the

beneficial microbes to fully colonize, and results in the highest quality tea you can brew.

TurfPro used as a starter/enhancer, when used at the very beginning of the brewing process, will

hasten the formation of biological activity by providing a number of species of both bacillus and

fungi.  TrufPro provides the necessary food source to keep the biology alive and active until it can

colonize.  An additional (larger) dose of TurfPro during brewing will reinforce the biology that has

already started.   Plus, it will add most of the trace elements in chelated forms that plants need for

healthy growth.  These trace elements interact with the biology as part of the ongoing life cycle in

soils.  Best of all, what Compost Starter/Enhancer can do all of this, and at the same time, be 100%

naturally organic?  TurfPro USA liquids!

TurfPro liquids also have a number of fungi that fight pathogens and it also contains 73 plant

available trace elements that provide the balanced nutrient package that plants need for healthy

growth.  The natural lignin in the products provides water holding capacity, making extra moisture

available to help keep the biology alive and active in soil.

TurfPro will improve your results, as your Compost Tea will produce plants that are stronger,

healthier, and more vibrant.  Whatever you are growing will be more resistant to pests and diseases

and at the same time better able to withstand periods of drought or extreme temperatures.

Recommended Rates:

Pre-activation  (Starter Dose) - 5.0 ounces of TurfPro USA liquid per 25 gallons of Tea Brewed.

During Brewing (Enhancement Dose) - 15 ounces of TurfProUSA liquid per 25 gallons of Tea


TurfPro liquids are verified 100% organic to meet USDA standards for use in organic production.

Happy brewing and great results!

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