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Do you have brown spots on you lawn from dog urine?  It is

not the pH or acids in the dog's urine, but the spike in

nitrogen from the dog's urea that causes this burn.  Most

often this is caused by female dogs because they squat and

empty their bladder in one area. Changing the diet of your

dog can hurt your pet and will not have any effect on the

brown burned spots in your lawn.  Some products are just

expensive seed that will die shortly after being planted

because the soil has not been repaired.  Additional synthetic

fertilizer just adds to the problem because the nitrogen is

overloaded.  TurfPro is an organic humate that will neutralize

the spike of nitrogen and will actually convert the urea into a

usable form of  fertilizer that your grass can absorb.  The soil

will be replenished and new growth will be able to fill-in the

dead brown spot.

Dog Urine Spots

" I have tried everything to stop my dog

from killing my grass... Nothing works

like TurfPro to get rid of the brown

spots on my lawn." Jen, Winter Park, Fl

Dog Urine Spot Preventative Application- Apply TurfPro to all areas the dog urine spots on lawn.  Mix 2 ounces of TurfPro to 1 gallon of water, covering 150 sq. ft. per gallon of mixture.

 Reapply in 10-14 days.

1 qt. of TurfPro covers 2,400

1 gallon covers 9,600 sq. ft.

Without TurfPro

converting the extra nitrogen in your

dog's urine brown

(burn) spots will

occur in your yard.

Dog Urine Spot Before TurfPro

Dog Urine Spot Recovery Application-

For older dog urine spots where the grass is dead you need to remove surface thatch to allow good aeration of the soil and spread AgriPro on the area at a rate of 1/4 cup per every one (1) square feet of area. This adds a high level of biology to the area to hasten recovery.

After spreading the dry product soak the area down well using our liquid product at a rate of 2 ounces per gallon of water.  Do not water to where you get runoff.  If your soil is very dry you may have to water a little bit at a time till it loosens up enough to hold water.

Do not get fertilizer on these areas until you see good recovery or you could reverse the entire process.

After two applications of liquid TurfPro to

the entire lawn, new dog urine spots

become green instead of dead and brown.

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Dog Urine Spot After TurfPro


TurfPro is Approved for Organic Growing!

Will not harm Pets or People!

Dog Spot Repair Package

Dog Spot Repair Package

Dog Spot Repair Package

The easiest way to dispense TurfPro and

fertilizer products is through a Fertigation Tank!

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